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"It's a life changer! My neck and shoulders haven't moved this well in years!  ~  Karin

I have dealt with low back issues since I was a teenager and tried multiple modalities in the past with only short-term results. I also went through a very major surgery this year resulting in muscle trauma and decreased range of motion and strength in my upper body. I truly wish I would have met Amber sooner and learned about MAT. She is incredibly compassionate and professional while also educating throughout each MAT treatment. I am incredibly grateful that after only a few MAT treatments my low back pain is gone and my mobility and range of motion have significantly improved. This has allowed me to comfortably continue a very active lifestyle. I will continue seek her out for therapy as well as refer friends and family to Amber for MAT treatment."

  ~  Lindsay

"MAT is magical. I suffer from knee, hip and lower back issues. MAT has helped relieve the pain and allowed me to continue to lead my very active lifestyle. MAT has helped my muscles work in the way they are intended to function. The research makes so much sense. I strongly recommend you seek out Amber for MAT to get back to what you love to do!"  ~Ann

"I started MAT to address several long-term aches and pains, especially back pain. I also participate in various athletic activities, and I wanted to reduce my injury frequency and improve performance. MAT has made a major difference, and the difference is noticeable in several ways.  The improvement is often dramatic.  Now I'm pain-free, move better, and feel almost "injury proof" during intense weight training and martial arts training sessions. "  ~  Jake

"The first time I went to Amber I wasn't sure what it would be like. I have tried chiropractic, many PT sessions, massage and acupuncture, but what Amber does with MAT is SO incredibly different! I have had many injuries being a gymnast for 19 years and a runner for 13 and I wish I would have known about MAT. I love how Amber and MAT really make your body work the way it is supposed to. Not only does it make you feel better but it helps so you can keep doing what you love. Amber and MAT are the type of care that everyone can use."  ~  Kristina

"MAT is magical. It finds the 'root' problem of issues instead of putting a bandaid on them and masking it until the issue reoccurs. You will find a soulution. True testimony; it saved my life in so many ways!"  ~  Michelle

"The first time I saw Amber, I had chronic neck pain. I tried everything - physical therapy, massage, chiropractic work. Nothing helped it permanently. I couldn't look over my left side and it was tight and uncomfortable. Amber looked at my whole body and first started looking at deviations in my trunk, hips, back...but eventually - we got to my neck. I remember the day like it was yesterday because I was nervous to let her get in there and work on it. I'd been holding on to this injury for 20 years. In that one session, I was able to look over my shoulder on my left side. And I was able to do it WITH EASE. I was shocked and incredibly moved. Muscle Activation Techniques® and the work that Amber has done has helped support me in my work as a trainer and in any physical events I've chosen to participate in. She is my first call -she'll help me figure it out."

  ~  Sarah

"I feel better than I have in 2 years! My pain reduced from a 9 to a 3!!


I started seeing Amber for deltoid issues. I was having constant pain, thinking I had pulled a muscle. Amber worked her magic on me, and I haven’t had pain since. She’s a miracle worker, and wonderful at what she does! If you have any kind of aches, pains, etc, she’s the one to see MAT therapy has been a lifesaver for both my husband and me!  ~  Ashley

"I have had chronic neck and foot problems much of my adult life and couldn't walk without custom orthotics. Even then, my feet often hurt. My neck and shoulders were very tight and ached daily. Chiropractics helped some, as did therapeutic massages, but decided I would just have to live in pain. I, although a bit reluctant, decided to give MAT a try. After a few months of MAT sessions, I suddenly didn't have the chronic pain everyday. After a few more, I was able to get rid of my orthotics and have a normal day. It has been AMAZING!" ~  Joan

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