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about me

My name is Amber Baron and I am a MATcM Master Full Body Specialist who appreciates every opportunity to provide the benefits of MAT and change lives day by day.


I have been helping people improve their lives through health and fitness for over 25 years.  I first obtained a Bachelor's in Community Nutrition and continued on to receive my Master's in Exercise Physiology. After being in the fitness industry in many roles - including a personal trainer, exercise specialist, group fitness instructor and master trainer, I was searching for more. 

In 2007, I was introduced to MAT and was beyond inquisitive. I needed to know more! This was just the beginning of my journey with MAT.  I became a Certified MAT Specialist in 2008, transitioned my personal training business into an MAT  business and have been loving this adventure more and more each year.

MAT is such an amazing tool! It has helped so many people in so many different ways. Some to recover from surgeries, some to come back from injuries, some to excel at a sport and others just to have an active lifestyle free of pain. I've treated clients young and young at heart, injured, healthy, from an everyday Joe to an Olympic athlete. I continue to study, observe and learn from the people I see, the continuing education classes and the many things I read/listen to. I'm so grateful to have found this path and am able to say I truly LOVE what I do.  

Each day is a chance to better oneself, however that may be. I take full advantage of this and consider it a gift. I have a passion for living well and sharing that with others.  Living in the moment, taking care of yourself and others and connecting with people brings joy to the heart.


At home, I have an amazing husband and 3 kids who keep me on my toes, appreciating the small things and laughing A LOT!  In my free time, I enjoy running, anything outdoors, cooking, DIY projects, holistic living, coaching youth soccer and my faith and church.

I do appreciate every opportunity to share MAT with my friends, family and community and would love to share it with you. Come give it a try, book a session today and let's get you moving how you were designed to move!

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